10. Connection with data from the commercial management system

Giswater is prepared to simulate flow data in water projects (WS) taking data from the commercial management system. It is not an easy task. You will need specific tables similars to the ones on the following list (mandatory on bold):

hydrometer hydrometer_x_data hydro_cat_catalog hydro_cat_category hydro_val_state hydro_cat_period hydro_cat_priority

By using a script to connect to the CRM, these tables can be filled, either with real-time data, or with data obtained through a nightly data loading and updating process.

Usually these tables are stored in an specific schema named crm.

Once the tables are filled in, its information must be connected to Giswater data model with their corresponding correlation tables:

ext_rtc_hydrometer ext_rtc_hydrometer_x_data ext_cat_period rtc_hydrometer rtc_hydrometer_x_connec


  • For each hydrometer, table ext_rtc_hydrometer need to be filled using some nightly process. After first load it only updates changes.

  • For hydrometer consumptions, the table ext_rtc_hydrometer_x_data need to be filled using some nightly process each time you have new data from billing period (in combination with ext_cat_period).

  • For each hydrometer, the relation with the Giswater hydrometer is: rtc_hydrometer.hydrometer_id::text = ext_rtc_hydrometer.id::text

  • For each hydrometer, the relation with the Giswater connec is: ext_rtc_hydrometer.connec_id::text = connec.customer_code::text

  • Finally it is mandatory to keep the table ext_cat_period updated and be sure that you fill two tables more with giswater ids (hydrometer_id & connec_id)

    • rtc_hydrometer with hydrometer_id

    • rtc_hydrometer_x_connec with hydrometer_id and connec_id

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